A few reasons to Invest in Malta

You may know Malta as a small island floating in the Mediterranean sea just south of Sicily.

Aside from being an extremely beautiful location, amazing weather, and historically rich background, Malta offers so much more.

With strong links between Europe, North Africa, & the ability to meet global market demands, this country has an amazing economic environment that foreign investors can definitely benefit from.

The Advantages Malta Offers

Malta today has a diversified economy thanks to tourism, ICT, financial services, maritime, as well as life sciences. Whether you are looking to become a citizen of Malta and live the local life or you want to set up a business, there is a large list of advantages it offers. To name a few, they are:

Multilingual population

Maltese & English are primary languages while Italian, Spanish, and French are spoken across the island.

Great Location

The island is in a great location which allows it to be a well-established trade location for Europe, North Africa, as well as the Middle East.

Educational Facilities

Malta is home to many highly regarded educational facilities that are able to adapt to the needs of industries.

High Tech and Occupation

The largest percentage share of high tech imports & exports in the EU. Low unemployment rates at under 6%.


Quick & regular access to direct flights to and from Europe, North Africa, and other international carriers.


Home to the 6th biggest ship register world-wide - Malta Freeport is a huge transshipment center serving over 100 ports.

Cost of living

Low cost of living paired with a high standard of living.

Location proximity

Commuting times are short thanks to location proximity.


Malta is high-tech, offering amazing satellite tech, fiber-optic internet connections, and more.

Health Care

Great health care services that are high quality and up to date.

Tax Benefits

Many Tax Benefits and a simple and practical administrative procedures

Financial Services

Many personal & commercial financial services available thanks to a large number of banks operating in Malta.

Moving to Malta for a Lifestyle Change?

If you’re seeking to live a higher quality life, then migrating to Malta is a great choice. The island offers amazing weather & sunny days for a large majority of the year. You get access to beautiful natural landscapes and you’re never too far from a visit to the Mediterranean beach.

There is a lot to do in Malta from visiting tourist attractions, studying the rich local history, and getting involved in the growing business sector. The laid back atmosphere Malta offers makes it a great place to enjoy life whether you are retiring, relocating, or getting your work on. The luxury real estate sector has been steadily growing, offering you a luxurious home to live in or a property that can bring you in a stable income.

Consider Investing in Malta

The BPA (Business Promotion Act), created in 2001, gives businesses tax-related incentives as well as non-fiscal incentives for conducting business within Malta. Maltese regulations and legislation are flexible & innovative, which attracts many foreign investors. Historical links have been maintained and over time, Malta has been able to further strengthen bonds & form new partnerships which have caused industries to thrive.

We Can Help You With Your Relocation

No matter what goals you may have when it comes to relocating to Malta, we are able to help you out in a number of ways. Our real estate experts can help you find a home or commercial property that suits your needs. We have a team of property developers ready to create a plan and bring it to life. We can even assist you in the formation of your company here.

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