Obtaining Residential Property

When it comes to purchasing property in a foreign country, it’s never smart to take a leap in the dark. This is why we are so passionate about helping people obtain residential property in Malta. Here at PDC Malta, we aim to make finding and buying a home as smooth as possible. We will take into account your budget, desired location, and your lifestyle standards in order to locate a residence that meets your needs.

Let Us Help Your Search for Residential Property in Malta

PDC Malta offers a holistic service that provides clients assistance when it comes to finding and obtaining property on the island. Our real estate experts are knowledgeable in the real estate market here and will be able to help you negotiate the terms of a property in your best interests. From searching for the ideal home, negotiating the price, all the way to the final signature of the paperwork - we can help you throughout the entire process to ensure you are in no way given the short and of the stick.

Right Investment and Requirements

Our expert guides will ensure you are making the right investment & that the legal requirements are met. At the same time, we always make sure that the interests of both parties are kept in mind in order to respectfully come to fair negotiation terms. Just like with any transaction, you’re going to want to be as informed as possible before making your final decision. We believe in the importance of clients understanding the typical procedure and requirements when obtaining property in Malta.


The Standard Procedure and Requirements When Buying Property in Malta

  • Agency fees
  • An initial deposit equal to 20% of the agreed property price determined on the “Promise of Sale”
  • Stamp duty (5% of the total price)
  • Notarial Fees, ranging anywhere from 2% to 2.5% + Searches Fee
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance

Those who are looking to purchase property in Malta and are not citizens may be subject to specific restrictions and/or required to apply for a permit in order to obtain stationary property. However, it is common that properties located within areas known as special designated areas (SDAs) are exempt from such restrictions. These exceptions are typically luxury lifestyle developments & may benefit from other allowances as well.

Looking for a Home Loan?

The Maltese banks are pretty flexible in terms of home loan payment plans and interest rates overall. If you are interested in obtaining a home loan in order to purchase a property in Malta, it is important to understand & consider the following:

  • Terms of payments can last as long as 40 years.

  • Monthly repayments sum up to the amount of 30% of your gross salary.

  • Up to 90% of the total purchase price or completion costs can be financed.

  • High-value loans have preferential interest rates.

  • All documents and deeds may be published & read in English.

  • Concessions are required for the importation of pets and/or personal belongings.

  • There are no local council taxes.

Foreigners are allowed the purchase of one Maltese property. This is subject to the approval of authorization prior. Specially designated regions on the island allow for the additional purchase of properties.  

Bank Requirements for Home Loans

When you inquire for a home loan here in Malta, the following information is required:


  • Document for Identification

  • Copy of preliminary agreement

  • Reference information

  • A recent check of payment or pay slip

  • Form FS3 (the yearly financial wage document that summarizes wages & taxes of the year)

  • Estimated property value in interest

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