Rental Management

Owning real estate can be a very financially beneficial asset when you decide to place your property up for rent in the market. This is especially true in a location such as Malta, where tourism is big, the weather is great, and the economy is growing. However, managing property can become time-consuming and stressful. There are many things to keep track of such as repairs, maintenance, outdoor upkeep, and dealing with your tenants. That being said, there are solutions to these unattractive problems so you can still benefit from your asset while you focus on other, more desirable, things.

Turn to PDC Malta Property Management

Whether you are renting homes, apartments, villas, or any other type of property, PDC Malta can assist with the rental management of your property in Malta. We have a lot of experience with property management and know what it takes to keep property maintained. Hire us to take care of the various aspects of owning real estate while you still reap the benefits.

How We Take Care of Your Property

There are several things we do in order to ensure your property stays in good shape and consistently making you money. Our team of real estate experts is constantly in contact with people who are interested in buying & renting property in Malta. With these connections, we will be able to assist in seeking out tenants for your home or apartments so you don’t have to worry about vacancies.

House keys on a house plan blueprint concept for new house desig

How can we help

Aside from making sure your property is occupied, we can take care of the collection of rental payments as well. We have systems in place to digitally collect rental payments to make the process easier for you and your tenants.


With a property management team, we can assist your tenants whenever they have a problem as well. Instead of your phone & email being blown up by tenants asking you questions or reporting problems, we can assist in handling their inquiries so you can feel at peace.

Any home or property owner knows that it can be a pain to keep track of basic maintenance and fix any repairs. A big thing many property owners dread is outdoor yard work as well. Our team is experienced in property maintenance, repairs, & outdoor upkeeping so you never have to worry about any problems becoming too big. We understand that problems need to be taken care of while they are small so they don’t end up costing you a fortune.


All of these aspects of real estate can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re attracted to the financial benefit of getting involved in the real estate market in Malta but aren’t excited about the work involved, then turning to us for your property management can be your solution.

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Our team at PDC Malta is completely involved in the Malta real estate industry. We know the ins and outs of managing a property so you can relax and enjoy life, whether you are here in Malta or anywhere else.

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