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The process of buying and selling properties in Malta is a very personal process. Buying and selling properties, in general, requires a lot of patience since the process has several requirements. Whether you are someone who is buying property in Malta as a foreigner of you are simply looking for some property advice, PDC Malta can assist you.

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We have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in Malta and can help connect buyers with sellers (and vice versa) when the puzzle pieces match up. Because we provide services for finding & obtaining property in Malta, if you are interested in selling your property, we have direct connections with buyers that have potential interest. When you are looking to buy property, we will do all we can to help you find a property that meets all of your requirements.

Buying Property in Malta as a Foreigner

The process of buying property in Malta as a foreigner has a few more requirements than purchasing property as a resident. Non-residents of Malta are required to obtain a permit in order to acquire what is known as “immovable property”. This permit is referred to as the AIP Permit and will allow you, as a non-resident, to purchase property in Malta.

Property support and advice in Malta

What you need for your Application

When you identify what property you are interested in purchasing, a convenium (written agreement) will be made. A copy of this convenium will be required when submitting your AIP application form. You will also need to submit the following with your application:


  • 2 passport size pictures

  • Clear photocopy of passport (must show details clearly)

  • Fee of 233

As long as the information has been submitted with complete & proper information, an AIP permit will be issued within 35 days.

Once you receive your AIP permit, you will be required to follow these guidelines in order to qualify for the purchase of immovable property in Malta:


  • The minimum value of the property must be;

    • For a villa or home - €169,859

    • For an apartment, maisonette, or flat - €101,938

    • Unfinished properties may have a lesser value, but the value of the completed project must be equal to the aforementioned amounts.

  • A non-resident is only allowed the purchase of one property. The exception of this rule is properties located in Special Designated Areas - these areas have no restrictions.

  • The property may only be used for residential purposes.

  • Non-residents may not acquire a property of either a) historical interest or b) a location.

There are many other rules & exceptions when it comes to buying property as a foreigner. The ones we mentioned are just to name a few, though you can ask us anything and we will help you through the process. Any question you have regarding buying property in Malta advice - we have an answer.  

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We hope that the service we offer our clients is more than just our real estate expertise. We aim to offer the best-personalized service so that your needs are properly met. Whatever you need when it comes to buying property, selling a property, getting the proper legal permits in place, and even setting up your business in Malta, you can turn to us for guidance & advice.

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