Property Construction Services in Malta

Malta is a Mediterranean paradise that is rich in culture, attractive to tourists, and home to an ever-growing economy. The climate is arguably perfect, the crime rate is extremely low, and the cost of a property is relatively low. All of these things together make Malta an ideal place for people to live, relocate their business, or invest in property development. As more locals & foreign investors turn to Maltese property development opportunities, the property development industry itself begins to thrive even more.

A Team of Builders at Your Service

If you are interested in getting involved in property development and construction in Malta, then PDC Malta is who you should turn to. We have a team of experts and a partnership with One Turnkey to help make bring your development plans to life. Turn to PDC Malt when you need contractors Malta wide. You will find our experts can handle every aspect of your property development to ensure that all safety precautions are taken & legal requirements are met.

Build your dream home

When it comes to the possibilities, they are seemingly endless. Whether you are looking to build your dream home, develop a housing community, apartments, or even you are looking to set up a commercial location, we have the firepower and the knowledge necessary to assist you in the planning, qualifying, & execution of your property development ideas.


What We Offer Beyond Development

We offer the best, in-depth & customized property development planning & construction Malta wide. Our clients are guaranteed that their desires are listened to and we offer our advice taking into consideration their best interests. 

Thanks to the thriving property development industry here in Malta, we have access to many materials and materials needed to construct your development.


The PDC Malta team of construction workers have a lot of experience building & renovating, meaning we can build just about anything you request as long as it meets safety standards.

When we complete the construction and development of your property, our help doesn’t have to stop there.


We offer our clients continuing property support and advice if desired. Property management is another service we offer which can be especially useful if you would like to spend your time dealing with other projects, business, or you just want to relax.  


Our real estate experts can help you sell your property or even find tenants for rentals. Other small things such as rental payment collection and property maintenance can be taken care of if you would like.

We are experienced in assisting with the formation of companies in Malta for those interested in running a commercial or industrial business.

Get in Touch with Us Today!

The PDC Malta team is extensive and covers a wide array of services. If you need help with anything, we can offer a helping hand and steer you in the right direction. Even if we can’t solve your problem directly, we have strong established relationships here in Malta that we can connect you with.

Make sure you contact us today to learn more about what we offer in terms of property development and construction in Malta. +356 9932 2300