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By the time Malta became a member of the EU back in 2004 and the adoption of the Euro shortly after (2008), it’s no surprise that there has been a big boom in commercial activity in Malta. This commercial growth has occurred throughout several sectors and is quite pronounced when it comes to the services industries. Over the years, Malta has seen quite impressive growth in terms of economy and society according to both European and international standards.

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A combination of the Maltese government efforts and the investments of both locals and foreigners helped create the economic situation Malta is experiencing today. The beneficial flat tax rate Malta offers and the continued investment into the island has a strong hold on the interest of overseas investors and those looking to bring their business to the island.

Commercial Activities in Malta

The capital of Valletta, Sliema, & St. Julians are where most of the commercial activity occurs in Malta. This is where most of the shopping, tourism, and leisure takes place. That being said, it is also notable that more businesses are setting up throughout the entire island, away from these crowded areas.

Commercial Property

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Here at PDC Malta, we can help you get in involved in the commercial activity here in Malta. With an economy that is going so well, we don’t blame you for your interest. We can help you negotiate the terms for a commercial property in Malta so you get the best rate possible.

We have real estate experts that can assist in locating an ideal commercial property that suits your needs. The business environment here in Malta is quick-paced and always changing, so we’re always on our toes to make sure that our clientele is getting the best deal possible when considering the current demands and requirements of the market.

We can assist you in the search for office space for your business - this includes fully-furnished and partially furnished spaces as well. Other types of commercial premises we can help you obtain are restaurants, storefronts, showrooms, and more. Our agents are familiar with Malta and will use their knowledge to help find a space in an ideal location for your commercial business.

Some individuals may be looking for an office space that is ready to use and fully-managed, meaning you can just walk in with your laptop and work without having to worry about managing space. If you don’t require an entire commercial space and are looking for an economical way to get work done while in Malta, this is a great option that is extremely cost-effective.

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No matter what type of commercial business you are looking to run in Malta, we will be able to help you find a property that meets your requirements. We can guide you through every step of the process to ensure all legal requirements are met. Here at PDC Malta, we aim to make the process of obtaining property in a Malta as smooth as possible and that the interests of both parties are fulfilled.

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